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Photos as promised

BA0799 HEL-LHR, Dinner service

Starter: Prawn and melon salad

Main: Cod with wasabi mash and vegetable medley

Dessert and cheese

Originally Posted by Prospero View Post
I will start with this, a report of sorts, as my expectations were near rock bottom when I boarded today's 799, my mood not helped by a thoroughly and quite unexpectedly tedious flight connection; the NoRRA to Speedbird experience was decidedly suboptimal, plus the pictures I viewed earlier today of that puffy, presumably hot, yet decidedly comically un-premium panini lingered in my back of my mind.

As it transpired, I was afforded not only a casual snapshot but in truth an entire sector of premiumness or as BBB would say, short haul shining. The dour waterside joy eradication machine perhaps missed a spot. Allow me to elaborate... (pardon the semi live format)

14 pax. Catering wise, this one is categorised as a long flight. Previously Band 3.

Okay, we'll start with a couple of service blunders - no menus, no hot towels but what we do have are two enthusiastic crew members (SCCM plus CCM). No haste is getting in the way of the drinks run. Dinner has been cleared, and there's just a couple of sips of Castelnau to go, my second, with 3 passes between Helsinki and Kiel, I am pacing myself. (Quick edit over Southend - I've been strong armed into my third

Okay enough of the preamble and onto the service. From the top...

Tomato juice, spice, slice n ice
Out of Africa nut mix

Orders for dinner were then taken: this evening its cod or chicken. It was stew n mash on the way out but that was with another airline.

The tray arrives. There is a melon and prawn starter. Its nicely presented. Tastes light and is refreshing the palette. We're off to a good start

Stilton, relish and oatcakes sit to the side, they're on standby till after the main is cleared. Same goes for the chocolate espresso bean dessert with cappuccino mouse honeycomb crunch

Photos will follow, once I get back to Barnes. I'm on the north runway presently.

Starter cleared, charger exposed, main lands. It's Cod alright with a wasabi mash plus a medley of beans, courgette, carrot baby corn slices. Actually it's pretty tasty.
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