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Originally Posted by kt1931 View Post
Ah I see. Is there a reason why they don't want me booking into First after a POUG. Is it because I have not spent has much to get into Club and it would be a bigger "Loss" to them allowing me into First for free (although it's Avios)

Thanks for your advice
Basically if someone were to book a cheap WTP ticket then take a cheap pro-active online upgrade offer into Club and then be allowed to upgrade using Avios then BA wouldn't get very much for a First Class seat.

The reason is as you say they could potentially sell a F seat on a flight for an awful lot of money.

Price a full flexible First Class ticket to say Los Angeles or Hong Kong and it is an eye watering amount, Australia even more so.

Club is still a very good product and if you haven't already read the Dashboard i would recommend it.

BA Forum Dashboard

Another useful site is:


There are also many other corners to Flyertalk so I hope you may find some/many of the forums useful
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