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Originally Posted by Globaliser View Post
Welcome to FT, kt1931!I believe that this is correct: once you have taken a POUG, you cannot UuA that ticket any further.
Yes welcome to Flyertalk and the BA Board kt1931.

Globaliser is correct. Once you receive an online upgrade that usually shows in a redemption class so you can only upgrade one cabin at a time. My Y flights always show this.

i.e. economy into WTP goes into P class (WTP redemption) and means it can't be upgraded further using avios. The same principle applies for your scenario, your now booked into a redemption fare to prevent another upgrade to F.

However as it's a revenue ticket (I assume from the wording of your post) in WTP and a PAID upgrade you will get the tier points for club although with BA you might have to claim retrospectively so keep your BP's etc/receipts. You can do this on ba.com

If it's a WTP redemption and then a paid upgrade you will receive nothing as the underlying fare is a redemption.

You can if you want to ask on the day at the airport if there are any Airport Upgrades (AUP's) but they are not gauranteed and not for sale on every flight.
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