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Originally Posted by spin88 View Post
The modeling is not difficult, but you would have to want to do it.
Yes and No. Yes, I agree they don't want to do it....No it IS difficult.

The problem is that a) you have to measure what people actually do not what they say, b) there's usually a complex set of circumstances that cause people to change their behavior, and c) the behavioral change often takes place long after the action that triggered the change.

That said, I agree the bigger problem at UA has been an unwillingness to seek data on this or consider the possibility that their strategy was wrong. But it's not just management. The quant jocks in IM don't want to admit that their algorithms are worthless if they don't have good long term data. And it's not just UA. Data driven decision making threatens the job every slick tongued MBA totting executive in the business.

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