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Originally Posted by mot29 View Post
So, what are the options for connections if you arrive at E or F?
I've got a trip coming up that arrives at ATL at about 8 pm from LHR, connecting to DCA at about 10 pm.
If you just exit through F, there is no pre-chek international after 5:30 pm. And main pre-chek closes at 9 pm? If you exit going to main terminal, then you still have a security check, right because the trains stop on the way to the main terminal?
Your picture is way off.

First, if you have checked luggage, you MUST clear at the concourse you land in as that is where your bags will be. If that is E then you MUST clear TSA at E as there is no other option.

Second, there are no train options in play. The airside train is only airside. The outside train does not connect to the International terminal.

Third, as dave said jokingly, you most certainly do not want to circle groundside. That will almost always be longer than any TSA line.

Fourth, the TSA lines at F are not bad at all. Yes, shoes off, but still reasonably quick.

You are making way too much of an issue out of this one.
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