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I saw this wording last year about it being valid on the ICE to/from Brussels. When I asked about that at a DB ticket office (Düsseldorf Hbf I think) the guy said only as far as the boarder (Aachen). That didn't seem right but I didn't want to risk it. Ended up buying a ticket on the DB ICE Bus to Antwerp (€19) so it was moot.

But has anybody here actually used a German Rail Pass on the ICE to Brussels?
German Rail Passes are valid only in Germany, and then not on city transportation (unless an S-Bahn, as a poster noted). Brussels is in Belgium, so why would the German Rail Pass be valid to there? True, the ICE is a German train, but the TGV is a French train, and the GRP is valid on them - within Germany. What does this tell us? The GRP is valid to border towns, i.e., Salzburg, and on the DB site it says the pass is also valid to some Italian cities, like Venice. Now this gets complicated, because the Germans and Austrians run a joint service to Venice and Bologna from Munich on their own account, and I think they're saying the GRP is valid only on the few trains operated under this joint service. But then why not on the ICE to Brussels? I suspect the Brussels service is not run on DB account but under separate
German and Belgian auspices, and thus the GRP is valid only up to the border. This gets even more ridiculous on routes to Italy when using a DB Spar-Preis ticket (reduced-fare, sometimes advanced-purchase, which are available for travel to Brussels), as it's valid only on the joint German/Austrian trains, which sometimes went to Milan and sometimes did not, so often one could not get a cheap ticket from Germany to Milan (only to Bologna or Venice). And sometimes the Italians would allow the German/Austrian trains to run only to a secondary station in Milan. The cheap tickets were not valid on through trains via Switzerland, only via Austria! Don't try to understand it all or assume there's some logic to it; it will change before you figure it out. In the meantime, enjoy riding around Europe on trains.
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