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Nothing to be afraid of. Make sure the necessary plans are on your account. Know what countries are included in the Intl Day Pass plan. Enjoy vacation. Done.

The only time it gets complicated is when things are assumed. And even in javabytes situation, they trusted someone else to confirm something they should have confirmed themselves. Not harshing on anyone, just saying a quick log in to one's online account to confirm is all it takes.

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Their website said $2.05 per MB so it should have been $2050 per GB LOL. I guess they rounded up. But that's what I am afraid even with the new $10 per day international day pass. What if I accidentally traveled to a country that's NOT covered in the 100 of so countries covered under the day pass.. like Japan? Will I get charged at the $2.05 per MB rate without knowing it until it's too late?

BTW, last time I went to Mexico I had to activate the Roam Mexico feature. It was not autonomic on 15GB (30GB promo x2 data) shared plan. You have to do it for each line too not just for the shared plan. It's the same with the $10 international day pass. You have do it to add the feature to each line. If not, you will be charge the $2.05 per MB rate even if you are in one of the 100 or so countries. It is so stupid because who would rather pay $2.05 per MB instead of $10 per day? It should have been automatic.
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