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ZRH: Who wants a jar of Nutella?

So I'm in a bad predictent. I checked my bag to AMS (Swiss foods in the duffle bag, rechecking in AMS two hour layover onto BA) and I was caught red handed with a jar of Nutella over the security allowance. Had to do the walk of shame to the counter to find out I cannot get my bag back to recheck it I with the jar of Nutella. That or pay 65 francs for my other bag to be checked.

It's good, but not that good to pay 65 francs. Anyway I'm wallowing in the fact I'm holding delicious unused Nutella by Arrivals 2. If you're there in ZRH or the area for the next two hours, meet me and get a free jar of Nutella? I'd rather not toss it! My flight is at 12:30ish.
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