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Originally Posted by Pats View Post
I suppose the golden age of flying when people took pride in appearance are long gone.
Yes, and so are the days of small airports, low cab fares, red cap luggage handlers, small crowds, loose security, and roomier airline seats. At least for most people.

If I'm going to have to walk 30 minutes (at least half of that while toting my luggage), stand in a crowded line, have to take off my shoes +/- belt +/- jewelry for security, wait in hard plastic chairs and then shuffle into a narrow plane seat and not move for a couple of hours while pressing creases into my clothes and hair, I'm not going to get dressed up.

If dressing casually and crumply in inexpensive and easily-washable clothing is going to mean that I'm not treated as well by airline staff, I can live with that......there are more important things to me than whether or not I'm offered an extra magazine etc. or make a good impression on ground crew that I'm unlikely to ever see again.

Yes, there are lots of people who are prejudiced into thinking clothes make the man (or woman), but I will choose when I want to play their game and when I don't. Airplane travel is one of the times I won't play.
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