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Originally Posted by zombietooth View Post
Remembering the "Cat Rodeo" last year with the Diamond packets, and the incompetent and often redundant efforts at mitigation (I ended-up with 4 packets through late July), coupled with the numerous lies we were told by the Diamond Line personnel, I wouldn't take 100 to 1 odds on a successful rollout.

I am like you and am already at 25 nights with Hyatt this year, in spite of my best efforts to book away from Hyatt. I will unfortunately cross 30 nights by the 25th (on only 3 stays) due to the required lead time for trade show commitments that forced me to make prepaid bookings for JAN and FEB before the new program was rolled-out in late OCT last year.

I need to burn a bunch of points before the rumored big devaluation that's coming later this year, and I am really getting worried about having the time to do it.
Devaluations occur each year - so earn and burn is generally the best approach. However, after the huge hit on 3/1 for many, it would be another blunder to have another big devaluation to the WoH program.

What is your source for the rumored big devaluation later this year? Blogger, inside info, etc.?
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