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I called about a 2 year old Business Gold Reward card and wasn't transferred to retentions but also didn't push as I had received a 15K retentions offer the year before. Was not given any offers from the representative. He also said I had missed the annual fee refund deadline by a day because my statement closed yesterday. I asked if the deadline wasn't 30 days from the annual fee billing date and he insisted it wasn't but then checked with a supervisor and then said the deadline was actually 60 days for a business account for a full annual fee refund? I was a little surprised by the new information and called the retentions number directly and was told the deadline is 30 days, not 60. I'm on the fence about what to do because I would love to wait the full 60 days as my last statement has quite a few pending points I think I'll lose if I close the account now. Anyone know if the actual deadline is 30 or 60 days? Another option is I can downgrade to a green card for the lower annual fee. Thanks!
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