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Originally Posted by pvdtravel View Post
New to Emirates and chose the flight as it best fits my schedule. Joined Skywards at base level. Due to company policy, I must book economy and purchased a Flex ticket. Any idea what my options could be leading up to travel to upgrade? Wondering if anyone here received offers to upgrade near to the flight, and what the cost would be. Also have 30k in membership rewards pts which I believe I could transfer 1:1 if that is an option. Thanks in advance!
Originally Posted by vytas315 View Post
I usually find that the fare difference is lower than the email offers and includes the add on services. Might not be true the day before travel, but I don't think that's the case here. I'd call and check the fare difference first. Points or a paid upgrade have been the best options IMO.
Hi pvdtravel and welcome to the forum. You've found the right place to help with your future Emirates travels, so please feel at home and join in the discussions.

We've had a few questions of late in regards to email upgrade offers and if all you are looking at onboard is the extra comfort without any of the additional frills on the ground then they are the way to go.

However, as vytas315 points out, and this would be my ethos too, is find out how much a paid fare difference is first. They may actually be less expensive than the email offer but YMMV.

As for the miles, you may have enough for the DXB-BLR (not sure on that one) once/if you transferred or the option of buying some extra miles if required to top up. Buying enough miles for the itinerary would be expensive and may well work out less paying the fare difference with cash.

Do keep in mind that any email offer does not come with chauffeur drive or lounge access.

let us know how you get on.

Safe & Happy Travels

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