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Bronze = worst seats in cabin?

Yay, went bronze this year! Well, I only just started back into travelling for business, so bear with me

First flight after getting "status" : short haul, no baggage, find myself shoved into the back row with zero option to change seats at check-in (24hr before flight). Ok, my fault I guess for being "frugal" with my employer's and getting a no baggage fare, won't make that mistake again, move on....

...move on to today, when I go to reserve a seat in PE for LHR->LAX on a 380, 6 days ahead of the flight. There are apparently exactly three seats available in a cabin which accommodates 52, and they are of course centre seats on the back three rows.

Last year, I had no status and got decent seats on all my long-haul trips in PE, via online check-in 24 hrs before the flight.

WHY AM I BEING PUNISHED LIKE THIS!? Is there some obscure seat reservation rule of which I am ignorant? Or is it really fact that the 49 better seats in the cabin were already reserved? COMPLETELY unlike any flight I took in the past 2 years before getting "status"?

Full disclosure, I did book this flight a long time ago (like 6 mo+) so it might be a crummy fare code

(Oh, apologies if this was covered before somewhere)
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