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No, I'm well aware of Enhancements (TM). But it is at least done by people who have proven themselves outside the 80s hairsalon. Eivind came from some boring accountant job before his superior skills in having seen all episodes of 90210 elevated him to the man that decides service levels from Scandinavia's fliers.

I find it ... amusing.
We get it, you donīt like his hair style. It leaves your argumentation sadly lacking. Roald was a MD at HP and before that a consultant, which is probably where all the crappy strategy is coming from...
Yet BA is no match for SK when it comes to pissing off frequent flyers. BA Golds are treated like dirt on Hand Baggage only fares and have to pay GBP 2.3 for a cup of tea. Alex Cruz is going to take the airline into the gutter if he keeps this up.
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