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Originally Posted by bkafrick View Post
You dont even need a store. There's a vending machine in the arrivals terminal 2 that has a zillion sim card options. Its on the way into Immigration.
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At significantly inflated prices...
I'm arriving at Heathrow I think in terminal 2 (flying in via United). I have an iPhone 6 A1549 that I've confirmed is properly unlocked (was carrier locked on AT&T originally due to contract that's over now; I confirmed a US T-Mobile SIM works for both voice and data in it after unlock).

Are there stores within Heathrow that would be better choices, preferably in terminal 2?

I plan to take the tube straight from LHR to my hotel in the Hammersmith area. I arrive at LHR on a Sunday morning (Feb 19th). It's too late for me to order something from the UK and have it arrive in the US in time.

I'm mainly looking for data. Don't care about texts and barely need any voice minutes, if any. I think 1 GB should be enough if I use the SIM only in the UK.

On the Feb 25th, I'm flying to Germany where I'll be thru March 5th.

If there's a SIM that would be good for me in both those countries, that'd be great. If not, I can buy another SIM in Germany.

Don't care much about speed. Even 2G is ok. My last resort was to add on a line temporarily to a work T-Mobile account (I'll pay for that add on) and take advantage of their free 2G speed roaming (https://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/roaming.html). This might be much pricier than buying SIMs in the UK and Germany.
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