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Originally Posted by FlyingUnderTheRadar View Post
Did ya bother to talk to the lounge attendant and ask them to speak to the parents? If not then why are bothering to post on FT???
It's not that simple up here, FlyingUnderTheRadar.

The lounge manager is the most gorgeous, gracious human being, and utterly service oriented, but from a cultural perspective I can't see her challenging a Kiwi family. That's as baldly as I can put it.

It's part of what made me so angry: that this family was obliviously putting her in this very uncomfortable position where clearly 99.9% of the lounge was really unhappy about it, but I really don't think she was able to address it. Even if she had wanted to.

also, the lounge was not full of holidaying families. Out of, say, 20 pax, mostly travelling on their own, their were 2 families. The overriding mood of the lounge was quiet and calm. It wasn't like it was the middle of the school hols & the families were the majority

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