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How to access the new BA Lounge - temporary access route

This isn't exactly the logical place to put this, but there again this post is only going to have value for a few days until the permanent arrangement comes in place. I'll put some wiki links into the other two threads.

There is also a bit of sensitivity here: the new BA Lounge is on soft opening at the moment, while a number of glitches are sorted out. Now some of these glitches may seem a bit minor to someone keen to get access to our new Gatwick palace (e.g. the USB current not passing the relevant electrical test) but things like no water in the WCs are obviously more serious. This means that they are restricting entrance to the lounges in terms of numbers and times. This can only work if BA also hides the signs which tell people how to get to the new BA Lounge! What's more it's tricky: though I know South very well, I was unable to find the route in without assistance. This is all that is visible to most passengers, with the tantalising glimpse of cerise grandad chairs visible from afar.

Equally I can totally assure everyone on FT that BA damn well want you to see these new lounges, they are terribly proud of them, and I can see why. Also, whisper it quietly, let's say quite a few BA staff at LGW perhaps read Flyertalk and don't really want to see FTers miss out either. I say that in the context that some once a year flyers will be totally happy with Speedbird, it's actually not a bad lounge really, and so if this has to be managed then so be it.

So it may be that if I bury this deep into this thread, one or two of you may use it to get access when perhaps they're not letting people through. Broadly speaking if you have no status and are flying Club Europe then I would give this a go, but please be extra nice to the staff and if it's Speedbird, well the new lounge will just to wait for your next visit.

So: there are two ways to get to the new BA lounge. From the main departure/shopping hall, level 3, and there is a better route via level 4, the upper level, and on the opposite side to Speedbird.

Lower level 3. Go towards the Boots by the sign for gates 1 to 9, when you see Boots, then walk towards the Harrods store. You will then come across the toilets, and of course no sign for any lounge.

Go down towards the toilet, bear left and then you'll come to a lift, which does have a small sign on it. Also there is this in the lift, and as you can see, someone has been perfecting their DTP skills.

Take the lift to floor 5, and then it's obvious, you're right by the lounge entrance.

Lower level 3. This is the floor you get to using the short cut advocated in the Guide to LGW South. It's the same level as Speedbird, and you need to look for JD Sports - it's on the opposite side. You then see this discrete and discreet corridor:

Go down that, through the double doors then you can see another corridor going right, that leads to the same lift shaft as that mentioned above.

Again take the lifts as directed to level 5.
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