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How dare you talk about their special baby do no wrong child like that!!!! (100% sarcasm)

Everyone has a right to access but expected behavior is the same for all. Kids get a little leeway for some extra noise but beyond that it's up to the parents to keep them in line and teach them these things. That's how I grew up. I remember my parents sitting us down when we got out of line and removing us from restaurants if we wouldn't behave appropriately.
I have a 2 year old nephew and while he's mostly well behaved there have been times when I have had to call out my brother or SIL when the little guy gets cranky or just is acting like a brat. If they won't do anything I volunteer to take him outside or sit him in a corner to calm down to avoid disrupting my own experience or the others around. Parents are often burnt out or just tone deaf after all the house of screams they hear. I took my newphew to a museum once and I saw people's glances as they hoped he wouldn't misbehave but he was good after I told him that museums are for low voices and hands stay to themselves.

As for the drunks vs kids argument..I will approach either situation the same. I'll either talk to them (the parents for the kids) or use the lounge staff. I tend to approach the people first and use lounge staff as a second option as I find it better as a teachable moment.
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