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Dear Parents of Small Children in the Nadi Lounge...

I get that your kids are tired and sunburnt and grotty, even though it's only midday, and that they have been running rampant around hotel swimming pools for the past week.

I get that you have as much right to the lounge as the rest of us, and that your children do, too. I also get that this is a holiday destination for most Kiwis, and a business trip for only a handful of us.

But seriously, is this really the place for the yelling, the screaming, the crawling on the floor, the whinging, the crying and the tantrums? And what are they learning about their respect for other people, consideration, and appropriate behaviour in different settings?

I know I'm going to sound like a grumpy old woman here, and maybe I am: but airline lounges for my kids, were a privilege, not a right, and a place that our children respected as such. I can't even count the number of hours I sat outside the door of the lounge with my feisty daughter, from her toddler years up. It wasn't fun for her, and it sure as hell wasn't fun for me. But they grew up in a world where we thought about other people and their needs in public spaces.

Oh, and before we start on the 'drunk adults are noisier and more disruptive than kids' argument, I don't see a single drunk or obnoxious person here. Just a bunch of weary, frustrated and pissed off people struggling to read, work, think or just relax.

Boarding now - thank God.
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