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Fair to say that many, many airlines are engaged in cost-cutting of one form or another. It's pretty much a fact of life in today's competitive climate, and all efficient businesses will look for savings where possible.

The danger arises if & when loyalty & positive perception, built up over many years and with large numbers of passengers, is put at risk. It's a little while since I flew Emirates but my overall history dates back a long way and fundamentally I remain a fan, having experienced enough 'good things' with them to offset any occasional disappointments.

For those unfamiliar with the current version of BA ..... you only have to fly a few sectors with them (especially in J class l/h, or in either class for s/h) to see just how an airline is affected when the axe is swung almost indiscriminately on so many levels. It's at that point when the whole brand image begins to suffer. And once it gets to that stage, it can be very difficult to recover. From what I know and hear, EK is nowhere near that territory. Thankfully.
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