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Originally Posted by jonspencer View Post
I am receiving emails regularly to sell upgrades

offers to pay for lounge access for your guests

10% discount for extra baggage

8888 miles for some ticket offer??

I still like Emirates but they need to return to their earlier more customer-friendly service, that will generate more revenue
Unfortunately, that's how the "business" is run nowadays. Other airlines are much worse in that regard.

Swiss called me before every (!) long haul flight I had booked with them, about 3-4 days before. My phone would show "Swiss Callcenter" when they called, so whenever I missed a call, for the first few times I thought it was something important and tried to call back.. obviously it was very annoying to get told "Yes, we've a great offer for you, for just 2000 CHF you could upgrade to business class" or similar nonsense..

I eventually had enough and told them to put me on the "do not call list".

So.. a few emails aren't really annoying in that comparison..
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