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Originally Posted by iflyjetz View Post
Joseph, this post isn't aimed at you; just quoting it for subtopic reference.

I had a chance to think about this whole 'unaware Diamonds' thing.

I spent some time trying to find out how many Diamonds there are; the best I could find is this 2015 thread:

The Loyalty Lobby page that Hailstorm referenced isn't there anymore but one can find it by using the Wayback Machine.

Anyway, let's go with the 37,000 Diamond number in 2015. Now, let's remember Hyatt's disastrous status match from late 2016 that minted 30,000 new Diamonds (Hyatt's number) - pretty much doubling the number of Diamonds. WoW! that was a train wreck!

Anyway, back on track. How many of those ~67,000 Diamonds were aware in 2016? I'd say the 30,000 that were matched were aware and I'd guess that a decently large percentage (much larger percentage than with other hotel loyalty programs) of the other 37,000 Hyatt Diamonds are also aware.
Unaware of what? Of the new program with new levels? Or of the loyalty situation in a larger context? Or something else?

From my post, I was specifically referring to the new nights requirements, but I'm thinking you mean something else, no?
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