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The 60-night bar is awful, let's face it, but ultimately, the last straw, and the thing that's going to kill my participation in WoH in 2018 is the Diamond amenity. They didn't think this one all the way through. I can justify mattress running for promos, for status, for fun, for any reason at all if I know I'm going to be netting those extra points for the amenities, both immediately, and in the future year. Killing the amenity means killing mattress running for me. That's lots of extra money for the 4 Columbus Hyatt properties that they won't be getting from me moving forward.

Example: Let's say (and this is totally realistic), that through my normal patterns, I'll end 2017 with 50 nights. A tall order, but I'm on pace to do it. Last year, if the bar was 60, I'd throw the HR Columbus and the HP Dublin 5 nights each in a heartbeat to hit Diamond. If I spend $1000 to do so, fine. I'd be essentially recompensated with 7500 points for the amenities alone, plus the regular points, so I'd get a bunch of points back, plus the promise of future Diamond amenities for the next year. It just made sense to mattress run.

Now, if I'm 10 nights short, what incentive do I have to blow that extra $1000 on Hyatts? -Maybe- getting suite upgraded? Breakfast? A few bonus points? Ain't nobody got time for that.
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