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Originally Posted by kindofabigdeal View Post
Thanks, your input has been very helpful. It's a 5 hour wait, so likely worth a try.
If you have TSA Pre, the best one might be Wingtips at Terminal 4, because it's going to be a lot easier to get through the checkpoint. I actually think the train ride from T8 to T4 is not as far as from T8 to T1. The inter-terminal train goes 8-7-5-4-2-1 and doesn't go to a parking lot. There are trains that go 8-parking lot-1, etc., but I don't think you can go straight from 8 to 1. Maybe it can be walked, but get that information from somebody who knows, not from me.

With Pre, getting through at T4 was always fast and easy for me; I went through at T1 once and it was awful. Priority line, short line, nevertheless slow slow slow slow. Horrible incompetent TSA clerks (same at T4, but with Pre the interaction is short). Wingtips is not that far from the checkpoint.

If you want to try it, investigate whether it's fully open now - a lot of it was closed off due to renovation in there, and I don't know whether that's still going on or not. I always liked it very very much, but the last time I went in there was like October 2014 (Didn't renew Amex Plat, and became Delta Diamond), so my information isn't current.

It looks to me like you can get into the AF lounge at T1, and I think that's the best PP lounge at T1.

Logistics is going to be a nuisance, but I don't see any restaurants or anything at T8 worth writing home about, so with 5 hours your plan seems like the best plan and in the same circumstances I would probably do it.
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