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Originally Posted by OsakaWino View Post
I was Hilton Diamond for a couple years about 8-9 years ago and I'm pretty sure I was downgraded to Silver, the tier I earned, rather than being soft-landed to Gold.

Is Hilton doing softlandings now? I was matched to Hilton Dia on the basis of my Hyatt Dia, but my activity would only earn Silver. You think I'll be soft-landed to Gold at the end of March?

If other programs only soft-land on a case-by-case basis but Hyatt is guaranteeing never more than a one-tier downgrade, I would call that generous.
I've been hard landed at Hilton before; pretty sure they still don't do soft landings. Several posts indicate that there haven't been any Hilton soft landings.

SPG has done soft landings for me in the past so that appears to be coded into their system.

Marriott just kept me at Plat status although I hadn't qualified for it for a couple of years. One year they gave me Plat in spite of ~23 nights, including ~20 credit card nights. The next year I made LT Plat so I was very close; only needed to hit the LT point requirement.
Some posts on the Marriott thread indicate that they in fact have a soft landing program.

IHG appears to do hard landings (from my readings) ... with a lot of exceptions. No personal experience; I have the IHG CC so I'm always Plat.

I couldn't find any posts on Club Carlson; I'm pretty sure I hard landed with them.

No posts on Fairmont so no idea there.

Hyatt appears to have done soft landings in the past; unknown how this will be handled with the program change.
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