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Originally Posted by flyupfrnt View Post
Why not? I persuaded them to override and UG me a couple weeks back on a SEA-FLL flight when the 120 hour window had passed and plenty of seats were open and the terms of the program clearly state I should have been upgraded already (if the system was working correctly) and seats weren't being arbitrarily held back.

Don't ask, don't insist, don't persuade= don't get.

Because it's cheating. If U isn't open, complimentary upgrades shouldn't be processed(...and as I recall, in your case you stated it wasn't open). That is how the system works and we should respect it for the integrity thereof. Just because AS has changed the pattern of U release to be late in the period/at the gate doesn't mean the terms of the program are being violated. The terms state that 75K are eligible for upgrades AS EARLY AS 120 hours before departure, not that they are GUARANTEED at 120 hours if F seats remain unsold.

AS has the right to manage its inventory as it sees fit, if they want to withhold 10 F seats until the gate that is their prerogative. Manipulating reservations agents into forcing non-existent U space is certainly not in good form, IMO.

I have no problem with people calling to get upgraded if U is open and the processor isn't running correctly, but if U isn't open and they call...they're cheating the system, plain and simple.

YMMV I guess.
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