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Originally Posted by rabbmd
I posted in the plastiq MS thread, but someone else experienced this in December on that thread. My mortgage is with fifththird. The guy in the other threads was penfed. So three different mortgages, points to either citi, mastercard, or plastiq screwing this up.

My money is on plastiq.

I just experienced this exact thing on my January 11th statement for a December 27th charge for my January mortgage payment. I had gotten 3x points twice on test $10 payments in October and on my full mortgage in on October 27th and November 27th charges. In I see the charge changed on their end from "Services - Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Managers" to "Services - Utilities - Electric, Gas, Sanitary, Water". I called citi once and after 30 minutes of idiots not understanding I got cut off. My payments still look to be real estate on plastiq. Did you get any resolution here?

If I don't get the 3x points I will not use plastiq for my mortgage anymore.

I also can't figure out how to apply the fee free dollars.
I would agree that this is a Plastiq issue as my auto loan with VW Credit also change to "Services - Utilities - Electric, Gas, Sanitary, Water" in December. Statement hasn't closed yet, but sounds like I won't be getting 3X for these. This will be the end of Plastiq for me if not fixed soon. Don't want to pull the trigger on stopping my monthly payment since I locked in scheduled payments when the rate was 1.75% for mastercard a bit ago
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