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i have never had a visa transaction post at any amount other than the visa listed exchange rate for that day... but only when the original charge was made in the local foreign currency. a sneaky practice some overseas vendors will use is, "for your convenience," they do their own conversion into "USD" at a much less favorable exchange rate, then charge the amount to your card in USD rather than local currency. if the charge is made by the foreign vendor in USD, it would still be subject to a ForEx fee if your card has that, but it would post as the USD calculated by the vendor's own exchange rate, not the USD conversion based on Visa's rate for a local currency charge. you must be adamant when using a card in any foreign country that they run the charge in local currency to avoid this "convenience." i would bet this is what's happened, but you could call Chase and confirm if the original charge was made in USD or foreign currency subject to Visa's conversion rate.

Edit: I see you are aware of the DCC issue, but still would be prudent to check with Chase to see if that is the cause of the discrepancy.

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