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It's often repeated that one should refer agents to "gg onestandby" lines 85-89 to get assistance obtaining proper standby priority. However, I've never seen anyone post the actual content of those lines, which I was dying to see. So I went out and searched. Based on what I found, I believe the wiki may need to be updated.

Over on DansDeals a top forum contributor named AJK posted the language of those lines back in Feb 2015. A few things stand out:
Both the language and the location of the "gg onestandby" lines have changed, though according to Dan the essence of the lines have not.

The new location is lines 32-55, not 85-89, so insisting on the old location would likely be met with confusion.

According to lines 54-55, the priority is after PR1 and before PR2 (so a kind of PR1.5 if you will), so adamantly insisting on PR1 might also be met with resistance or confusion.

A better strategy than trying to confirm one's general priority status might be to confirm one's actual standby code. I assume that's what agents enter into their system in order to place a pax on standby if SHARES hasn't already done so automatically (which is reportedly often the case). According to lines 49-52, the code should be W, followed by A-D depending on elite status (see lines 43-46), followed by the fare class. I believe this would give non-elites who are waitlisting business the standby code of "WDI" with a status after PR1 (truly displaced passengers), but before PR2 (upgrades).

And the hallowed words of "gg onestandby:"
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