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Originally Posted by LAXlocal View Post
There may be a time where I need to get from one Airport to another and I am not flying myself ,

Say I am meeting someone at one airport and want to go with them to the other airport where they have a connecting flight,

if all the bus driver does is glance at your phone or printout then probably not a problem, if they actually have a way of looking it up then that might be a hassle
If you don't wish to 'trick' the AOT staff member who checks the tickets you could always just catch a BMTA 554 or 555 bus which run between both airports. Frequency is around 15 mins for both, trip time is longer than the AOT shuttle. Obviously, less convenient.

The issues there are the following;
1) You pay - 36 baht,

2) Both use the motorway/expressway but for only around 50% of the route and they stop where required so it takes around 1hr to 1.15 hr. It can be 40 mins at night.

554 via eastern ring and Ram Inthra/Chaeng Wattana to Vihavadi (northbound does a big U-turn from CW rd).
555 via expressway and Rama 9 to Din Daeng then Vihavadi rd.

3) They are not terminal to terminal like the AOT shuttle.
a) From/to DMK you use the bus stop located outside T1 (the Amari ped link) on Vihavadi rd. Or any other bus stop.
b) From BKK airport, you need to use the AOT shuttle bus to proceed to the Transport Terminal located 2kms away. For BKK bound often but not always, they do drop pax at the terminal when arriving.

- There are also mini vans which do exactly the same route during the day but you'd need to read thai to understand the route. Most airport staff use vans for comfort.
- 555 runs 24 hrs except from 2am to 4am.
- BMTA Orange Aircon buses are the ones to look out for.

Other option is a combo of the ARL-MRT or BTS-A1 or A2 buses.
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