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Yes, you can in theory. I took spouse cc the first time I paid it. Card is entered into my WM BP profile with my phone number but spouse name and cc. I pay it every month and it's in the system now so I only give the rep my phone number and last four digits of card I want to pay. Never had a problem.
Some WMs mandate bringing bill stub every time and if something seems wrong like male having female name, they ask for an ID to match to the bill stub...

Then, there is a worry of getting shutdown by CC issuers since many of shutdown at Citi seems to be linked to WMBP according to somebody's summary (I got a phone call from Citi, so I read last like 10-20 pages of 2016 shutdown in the Citi section) the past, making payments from SO's real checking accounts to my CCs had never ever caused the problem although I don't know what data is transmitted there either. Better safe than sorry however.
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