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Originally Posted by Chelski View Post
Not true. Not required. Only currency transactions required.
Read the back of MoneyGram Express Payment form. How a particular WM interprets, I don't know. WMs don't usually file over $900 even, so depends on the WMs. But, some WMs are picky. Some just love being a cop.

Not true or not required really don't matter. It's a reality for some WMs I used. You know there is no point in arguing with picky WM cashiers, right? Please note that I didn't say MO alone MG form may need to be filed. And, please don't ask mod to delete your comment after you read back of the MG Express Payment form. I think you are the one who quoted a bunch of members on Simon/5B GC thread saying unrelated to the thread. I replied saying are they really, all the sudden, your comment and mine disappeared. If you are going to discredit others, then be prepared for being discredited yourself.

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