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So, intrigued by recent discussion of paying AmEx via MoneyGram (and an appetite to do more AmEx MS than I have MO bandwidth for), I looked up the AmEx options here and found: AMEX STANDARD 2-3DAY (14398). Went to WM, did my usual MO order, then asked to pay a MoneyGram bill. She was very excited when I said I had the biller code when she was ready for it, saying most people have no idea and it takes forever to lookup.

Anyways, she looks it up, finds it and says it's $1.99 to pay. Score! But she enters in all my info, payment for $1998.01 etc but after getting to the end, it said invalid account number. Tries again, same thing. Thinking the issue might be that it was a biz card (SPG), I have her try my OBC. Same error.

Anyone have ideas what I or the cashier might be doing wrong? She is probably the savviest cashier there and I do CFP BP with her all the time. Do you need to signup for a MoneyGram account online first or something?
Not all AMEX cards are created equal. Cashier didn't do anything wrong. Either system rejects your card # or it goes through as simple as that.

Technically speaking and YMMV thing, since you are buying MoneyGram MO and using MoneyGram Bill pay, if combined is >$3k, the WM is required to file a form separate from the WM from, but MoneyGram form I was told...just you know.

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