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BA ZRH-SIN (Premium Economy) $599 Weekend Same-Day Turns 2.88 CPM

Yeah I know it isn't glamorous, but the earnings are crazy good and positioning should be pretty easy for a lot of members. The real value here is the high EQD earning. This gets you 4.67 EQDs per actual dollar spent. That is by far the highest I have seen on any fare. Five of these would get you AA EXP/OWE for nearly two years, and for less than $3K.

Works from both GVA and ZRH but does not appear to work in reverse ex-SIN. Saturday evening departures from ZRH/GVA get you back to ZRH/GVA first thing Monday morning. The short leg (ZRH-LHR) books into Economy(K) but the longer one (LHR-SIN) books into Premium Economy(T).

According to the AA chart, earnings on AA would work as follows:

GVA-LHR 470 * 2 = 940 flown miles
Economy(K) Base miles are 50% of miles flown. EQM are 0.50 of miles flown, and EQD are 10% of miles flown, so:

EQM = 940 * 0.5 = 470
EQD = 940 * 0.10 = 94

LHR-SIN 6765 * 2 = 13530 flown miles
Premium Economy(T) Base miles are 100% of miles flown. EQM are 1.50 of miles flown, and EQD are 20% of miles flown, so:

EQM = 13530 * 1.5 = 20295
EQD = 13530 * 0.2 = 2706

Each trip Total EQM 20765, Total EQD 2800

2.88 CPM

I didn't add the RDMs because everybody has different elite earnings levels. Also not sure how this would do with BAEC as I haven't used that earning structure. Hope somebody else finds this as valuable as I did.
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