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Originally Posted by Unterwegs View Post
Your connection in JNB is extremely tight. Last time it took me more than one hour to clear immigration (arriving in F). I had a 2 hour connection and i barely made it. Worst case you will be on the next flight if they have space.

Anmd yes, you can use the FCT both ways with your ticket,
That is true. I have been to Johannesburg a few times and I know that the lines at immigration can be long. I thought being in F at least gets me ahead of most in Y and C. But of course that's of no help if there are a lot of other flights arriving at the same time. I have also booked the meet and greet service including tarmac transfer with Bidvest. AFAIK they can get you through immigration faster. Something the LH PA apparently cannot do. I am quite unsure now if I should rather change the flight to SA333 which would give us around 2h30 to connect instead of 1h30. But then again I believe that the chances are not too bad that there are 2 seats in full fare C available on the later flight in case we miss our connection.

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