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First time in First

Hello everyone

I am aware that there are already a few threads about how to maximise the First Class experience but I would still like to get your thoughts about a few things I am not so sure yet.

I am booked on the following flights:

LH1197 ZRH - FRA 18:35h - 19:35h (C)
LH572 FRA - JNB 22:00 - 09:30h (F)
SA327 JNB - CPT 11:00 -13:05h (C)

LH573 JNB - FRA 19:40h - 05:20h (F)
LH1184 FRA - ZRH 08:30 - 09:25h (C)

The flight to JNB - CPT is on a separate fully flexible ticket. Can LX still check my bags all the way through to CPT? I know they probably can but do they do it without an issue? Checking the bags all the way through might help to make the 90 minute connection in JNB. I know that I need to collect the bags in JNB and clear customs but if they are already labelled it might help a little bit.

I would also like to check out the new FCL in Terminal E in Zurich.
Am I correct that going to the FCL in E is no problem at all even though the flight to FRA probably leaves from the A gates? And am I correct that if I ask nicely at the FCL A they might even drive me to the FCL E or should I not bother and just take the train?

Can I assume that LH1197 departs and arrives in ZRH and FRA from a gate position with a jet bridge? So there won't be a limousine transfer to and from the airplane neither in Zurich nor in Frankfurt?

LH told me that I will also get a car transfer from the FCL in Terminal B at Frankfurt to the gate for the flight to Johannesburg. Is this always the case? Or would you still rather exit Frankfurt and walk over to the FCT? Especially since I have never been to the FCT before. I guess 2 hours and 25 minutes should be more than enough time to make it to the FCT and spend some time there. On the other hand I have got around 3 hours to spend in Frankfurt on the return leg. If I definitely get a car transfer from the FCL B to the gate for the flight to JNB I somehow quite like the idea of using the FCL for the flight to JNB and then make use of the FCT on the return leg. Or would anyone of you just use the FCT for both connections? Since the FCT is meant only for passengers departing from Frankfurt is there something I have to consider? Do I just need to show my first boarding pass and they will let me use the FCT?

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