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Originally Posted by robbert View Post
The United transfer is now a better deal at 132,000 miles. I'll still fly WN when it makes sense but with their pricing AA/DL crediting to AS will come out better in many cases (DL until April). With this change I'm not going crazy trying to reach A-list again.

But anyone interested in getting the better transfer rate for United needs to remember to sign up for Rewards Plus PRIOR to making the transfer. The 20% discount on transfers to United requires you to sign up for the program first. If you do not, your points will transfer at the usual rate, which is found on the second table on this page.

Also, I would recommend that whatever airline you choose to transfer to (Marriott has a LOT of transfer partners), you wait until there is a transfer bonus offer with that airline. You just missed one with United that ended in November. It offered a 25% bonus on hotel point to mile transfers, for a maximum 20,000 point bonus. And it worked with the Travel Package, so you could get 152,000 points instead of the usual 132,000 points for the mileage portion of your Travel Package.

The previous transfer bonus period with United was last spring, so it would not be surprising if there were a new bonus offered in the next few months.

Other airlines offer similar bonus programs. The best way to learn about them is to join their frequent flyer program and sign up to receive announcements of special offers. If you don't authorize them to send you announcements, they are not going to. If you don't want to have an inbox filled with airline SPAM, monitor the FlyerTalk Forums for the airlines you are interested in.

Also, if you choose to go the United route, I recommend that you pick up one of the Chase United credit cards. They often come with LARGE sign up bonuses (50-100k miles). They will also get you a free checked bag, which is important when flying United. The benefits of the Explorer card (the cheaper of the two) are here. The benefits of the Club Card (expensive!) are here. Before signing up for either, be sure to watch for the best sign up bonus offers. The Explorer card is cheap enough that if you and a companion each check bags on a United round trip once, the card will have paid for itself. The more expensive Club card only makes sense if you 1. want to use the United lounges (you need not be flying on United to do so), and if you want to pile up a lot of United miles for uncategorized/unbonused spend (the Club card gives you 1.5 miles per dollar of uncategorized spend on the card).
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