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So I went through this to the point of booking. Momondo sent me to skybooker and a message popped up on skybooker saying I had to call them. I did this and the first agent asked me which flights, which times, which airlines and how much I found the ticket cost. Then he sent me to another agent. That agent said she found the flights, confirmed the times, dates, etc. Then she said that what would happen would be that I would give her some information (she mentioned names, birthdates, etc) then she would send me a form via e-mail with all of the passenger information and all of the flight information. I would then need to sign that form and follow the directions to send it back to her (I am assuming I would scan it and e-mail it back, but I don't know this). Then she would give the form to 'her team' and they would confirm and issue the tickets. I have never booked with skybooker or anything close to this method so I declined the tickets at that point. Has anyone booked with skybooker or had to call in and go through this whole process?
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