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Originally Posted by sfo2bos View Post
Also, I had to book a Tango fare ($180 vs. $500+ for full fare--not worth it on a 55 min CRJ flight). I'm not exactly used to flying basic economy... anything to watch out for? I'm assuming they'll want me to check my roll-aboard (larger, fits tightly into most narrow/widebody domestics on UA) for a fee? Should I bring it through security and try tog ate check? I'm sure it's spelled out somewhere just looking for a quick tip.
Looks like your BOS-specific questions were answered, but no one touched this, so I'll try to help.

How big is your roll-aboard? If you say it fits "tightly" on narrow- and wide-bodies, it sounds like a pretty big bag. The CRJ bins are tight - AC's carry-on limits are 21.5" x 15.5" x 9" and even bags that are that size often have trouble fitting in CRJs. Especially if this is a CRJ-200 rather than a CRJ-705.

If your bag is clearly oversize and you go to the check-in desk, some AC agent might force you to check it and pay.

If you get to the gate with it, they will check it for free if it doesn't fit or there's not enough space (if you're on a Tango fare with no status, you will likely be one of the last to board, so the latter is fairly high probability if the flight isn't empty), they'll check it for free.

Unlike the US carriers, AC doesn't really do proper gate check. Other than a few routes, when you check your bag at the gate, you'll need to pick it up at the carousel. I haven't been to BOS in a while, but I don't think BOS-YUL is a route where you would get to pick it up at the gate on the other end.

If I were in your shoes, I'd be preparing to gate-check the bag and pick it up at the carousel.
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