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Thanks, everyone.

I agree that flying the Asian airlines is a bit different. I've been at it a while, mostly inside China, so it's not a huge shock.

Economy seats are awful on United, too. No big downgrade there.

I'd happily book through Delta, but they double the price for the privilege, plus, unless I'm going to buy business I'll never get to the higher status tiers. I'm not intending to pay for that privilege anytime soon. Plus, they severely penalize you on miles when you book through CZ.

For what it's worth, China Southern always tries to upsell you into a higher class. Given the status and the mileage accrual rate differences, it looks to be a wash between paying the lowest fare and paying $75-$100 more to accrue the miles faster.

I'll take a look, I guess it's mostly about status if something goes wrong!
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