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I kind of gave up on insurance after two calls. It became a headache for the conditions: departing from a war zone, covering a connection between two different airlines. I was told there's no way that I could get a policy for under $150-200 PP.

I decided instead to look at the estimated cost out of pocket for a last minute change, and this is where I found some good news. We're booked on a OW K fare from DXB-MSP. Pulling up the fare rules I can see that it's $100 change fee/$200 cancel. For whatever reason, one can buy a walk-up K fare ticket for that route most days of the week (except for immediately around the new year). Even if it's not available in mid-January, an M fare is about $800 more than K and is DL's highest economy fare for that routing.

So, in this case, I'm thinking I'm going to self-insure. I figure the out of pocket cost would be somewhere between $100 and $900 if I know I'm going to misconnect on DoD. I can cover $900 if I need to, and it seems silly to pay > $200 for a policy to cover that kind of possible cost. Any flaws in my reasoning?
I would agree with your decision. In the last 2 weeks Emirates only cancelled this last Saturday's flight. At the quoted insurance price, and given the walk up fare, self-insurance appears logical.

While weather and warfare will probably affect all airlines equally, depending on the day there may also be a FlyDubai flight available that will reach DXB in time for your connection.

Good luck.
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