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While flying from IAH to CLE the other morning my upgrade had cleared and I was waiting for the boarding announcement for the first class cabin when two males (can’t call them gentlemen), wearing suit and ties approached the GA and demanded an upgrade to first class. The GA explained to them that all available seats were taken so they should just board with the boarding pass they had been issued. They both proceeded to tell her how they were elite members and they should be upgraded. The GA told them she would look at the UG List and see where they would have been on the list. Turns out they are both Silver elites ! When boarding began I was getting situated in my aisle seat when the window passenger arrived. He looked like he was about 16 years old, ball cap backward, holes in jeans and a t-shirt, typical teenager attire. The two males who previously demanded an upgrade boards while my seat mate was getting into the seat and one of them made a comment to the other “look what Delta upgraded and we have to sit in the back. To his credit the young man sitting next to me ignored them and got situated in his seat. He and I got to talking and he seemed like a nice, normal kid. Once we were airborne he ask the FA to take the two guys a drink on him. At first she stated she could not but when the young man produced his credit card (Black AMEX) she relented and took them a drink each. I got to talking to him some more and it turns he was 17 years old, dropped out of school (did get his GED) and skateboards for a living. He is one of the “hot” skateboarders in the world of X-Games (according to my daughters). Has his own shoe company, clothing line, and skateboard line. He said he gets that kind of reaction all the time and he just ignores it. Hope those two guys in coach liked their drink.
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