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Originally Posted by PortlySpartacus View Post
WoH wants you as their customer of the future! You spend more money with Hyatt because you spend more nights with Hyatt than the 25 'stays' crowd. Yes, you are their target audience for the new program. All these other folks abandoning Hyatt to chase the other shiny objects of loyalty because they will cling to the 'best' deal of the day will be in the same position in a year or so when SPG-Marriott does the same.

And that is the point of these WoH changes. They were not satisfied with the 25 stay crowd, even if spending their own money, to reach top tier status and receive the same benefits as you. You spend considerable more money due to the number of nights annually and all the savants on this thread that apparently know better than the entire Hyatt management staff just have to suck it up from here on out and take their business elsewhere.

Let us all look back on this thread, in 12-24 months and see the latest rage of the loyalty program at that time. Why not just date this thread 2 years from now and change Hyatt to SPG-Marriott and read the outrage from the disgruntled loyalists? I can't believe SPG-Marriott would abandon their 25 stay top tier elite program, what could they possibly be thinking, and with a recession looming, oh the humanity.......
Perhaps they do want people like myself as their customer...I spend anywhere between 80 and 100 nights a year at their properties (and potentially could spend more nights, but sometimes go for Four Seasons or Ritz instead), but I could never qualify by stays (have never reached 25 stays in the past 5 years for sure)
But! and I know it's silly, but I will bitterly miss the lack of "diamond amenity". The logical part of me understands that 1000 points or a bottle of wine is nothing really, but the emotional part of me wants to have that choice. It made me feel warm and welcome. I know it's silly yet here we are...
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