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THIS convo HAS and will continue to be beaten to death.

My final thought on WOH.

For me, its a shame to see DIAMOND benefits go.......I would actually chase 60 nights, if there was still a POINT AMENITY at check in for Globalist , but there's not, and now I've lost interest in steering my Business and Personal travel to Hyatt.

I saw TREMENDOUS VALUE, in the Program, the Product. I would rave to friends, family and Co-workers, what a VALUE, I felt, HYATT BRAND was for me. Yes, the people that work at HYATT will not change, and I believe over the past 6 years have improved their Service, and their want to be part of the HYATT team.

What am I losing? I'm losing what I perceive as value. Point Amenity, Diamond BK for 4.......

What they are losing? A person that will RAVE about HYATT. A person that would go out of it's way, to stay at a HYATT. There are not many brands that I feel are a true value in the World, just lost another.

Next year, checking into my favorite So Cal Hyatt, conversation will go like this. Front Desk "Mr.X, thank you for being a valued Globalist Member, even thou I see you don't travel outside the state of CA....."

Yes, the names suck..... there was no reason to re brand.

too bad

Happy Holidays
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