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Originally Posted by Thunderroad View Post
Thanks for this useful information about this very odd "currency crisis," folks. What an odd turn of events.

I would think that the ramifications go way beyond the tourist sector, hurting many small (and even some large) businesses and inconveniencing many Indians in all sorts of ways that are annoying or worse. And I'd think that the government would need to do something soon to avoid a harsh political fall-out.

I'd thus hope that the problem gets fixed soon, even more for Indians' sake than for foreigners, but from your posts it sounds like that might not be the case.
Indeed. Amusingly, the Indian state capital city with amongst the least problems with demonetization is Srinagar. Kashmiris tend to be amongst the most banked Indians because keeping cash at home is way too risky when "civil" and "security" disturbances are a continuing fear and armed parties -- in or out of uniform -- are known for grabbing cash and other valuables. Going to SXR as a tourist this year? Not a very good idea even as demonetization hasn't been as much of a problem there.

I'm getting my small denomination notes as change for my Kerala visit this year or earlier next year from some of the seasonal Kashmiris in south India.

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