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Originally Posted by SparseFlyer View Post
I agree with Adam. It doesn't seem to add up much. Especially for SE.

Like, if AC won't comp up to SE someone that has 99,000 AQM and $19,900 AQD, why sell the status for $1,000 to someone that is at 76,000 AQM and $9,100 AQD?

But, I guess it makes SOMEWHAT sense for slightly lower tiers. Especially after I looked this up.

AC would effectively be cross selling lounge memberships and a "status tryout".

I can imagine a tango P25K that could see $1000, as a good deal since they would buy full lounge access for like $500 and more priority services and eUpgrades for another $500.

So that's $1000 in AC's pocket.

P25K gets excited, and decides to start purchasing Flex + eUps, and to try to fly a bit more flex/miles to ensure E35K (or more) the following year.

The only things I don't understand are:

1. Do you really think that a P25K will care about E35K for $1000?
2. Do you really think that a P25K will alter his/her spending to offset some of the costs?
3. Do you really think that a P25K will exert any kind of effort to retain a higher status level?

BUT, TBH, if I was E35K, and they offered me E50K for $1000... *G access and priority worldwide... $665 is the cost of the membership for lounges, so I basically pay $335 for *G priority worldwide...
Y not just pay for one of those CC that give you access for lower the cost anyways...
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