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Originally Posted by adam.smith View Post
How exactly is this going to work? Do they let you buy missing AQM/AQS/AQD at a certain price, such that those who were closest to qualifying for the next tier pay less or will it just be some flat fee to buy up from one to the next?
Given how AC is flirting with the upgrade bidding - as in similar implementation to other airlines, I suspect AC will make it a fixed price to buy-up to the next tier level. I suspect the price range will be $500 - $1000 based on what I have seen others offer in the past.

Originally Posted by adam.smith View Post
Selling eUps? You mean bidding on upgrades to J? Or did I miss an announcement that we can now buy eUp credits?
Nothing missed, I suspect he was referring to the eUp bidding.

Originally Posted by ffsim View Post
I wonder if they're let people bid for a higher Altitude tier...
Higher than 50K? I hope not.

Originally Posted by 24left View Post
It's MATH TIME - Guesstimate Edition


5. If the assumed objective over at AC was to reduce the numbers of SEs by eliminating those who used to fly 100K for $500, what would the objective be in providing the option for 25K and 35K to buy up to a higher Altitude level - other than giving AC another stream of ancillary revenue?
6. If so, then why not offer 50K the chance for 76, 75K the chance for 100K and oh maybe have 150K as the new 100K?

Bell curve, get everyone in the middle where costs are stable and predictable and services can be provided by pretty much everyone. Make the added costs for providing SE privileges actually be paid for by the SE fliers I suspect.
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