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It's MATH TIME - Guesstimate Edition

OK, so let's use a 789 as an example.
30 J

1. Can anyone guesstimate how many of those 30 are actually sold?
2. Can anyone guess how many pax are willing to bid for some J seats?
3. Can anyone guess how many will still spend for a LMU if that's even available?
4. Can anyone guess if there will be any seats left for eUpgrades, which Altitude members received for flying a certain amount of miles and/or as select privileges?
5. If the assumed objective over at AC was to reduce the numbers of SEs by eliminating those who used to fly 100K for $500, what would the objective be in providing the option for 25K and 35K to buy up to a higher Altitude level - other than giving AC another stream of ancillary revenue?
6. If so, then why not offer 50K the chance for 75K, 75K the chance for 100K and oh maybe have 150K as the new 100K?


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