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OP - is everything on the same PNR? If so I would check with the agency that booked you regarding what IRROPs protections are and how they, as the booking agent, can provide you with primary IRROPs service.

Don't call DL. You have even worse chances calling or talking to KL. If you tell them a non-alliance partner misconnected you, expect to get zero sympathy from either and a bill for change fee plus fare difference. KL agents' two fave words are "not possible" after all. I remember a thread recently about a Gold Medallion flying Vueling inside Spain to connect to either Madrid or Barcelona to JFK. Separate tickets and PNRs, misconnected. Was truthful with DL, didn't get sympathy, and had to buy one-way walk up fares in full Y class. Ouch.

But if everything is on the same PNR despite different ticket numbers, you might be protected. But it would be the booking agency that should rebook you in case of IRROPs. Some even have waiver codes and should have good relationships with airlines to get you quickly rebooked in IRROPs.
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