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New to FlyerTalk, so if I'm not doing this right, any suggestions are helpful. Had a DYKWIA sighting in LAX last month. Waiting to board LAX-->ATL in F (luckily, on a plane with lie-flats), and GA made an announcement that because one of the scanners was down, all boarding would go through the general boarding lane. 99.9% of pax heeded the announcement, but one particular DYKWIA obviously missed out. Once GA called premium cabin and everyone in F proceeded through general lane, said pax (who was waiting in the SP lane) started clapping and snapping in the GA's face, while yelling at her and demanding an explanation as to why people were boarding through the GB lane before him while exclaiming, "I am a DIAMOND, I should board before any of these people!" GA calmly explained to him that because one of the scanners was down, that all boarding was happening via the GB lane, and that he was more than welcome to hop in the GB lane and board right away. Instead of ending it, DYKWIA held up the line, demanding the GA's name and some kind of number. As I and other F pax were watching this unfold right behind him while still in line, we collectively asked him to move on and watched him huff and puff down the jetway.

The saddest part of the whole thing was watching a middle-aged man throw a temper tantrum - how pathetic...

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